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Interior Design Tips

100 Decorating Tips From Best Interior Designers 1/10

Part one of 100 very useful decorating tips from best interior designers gathered by HouseBeautiful.

  1. Never push furniture up against the walls. By pulling your seating arrangement in (even just a few inches) you instantly warm up a space and create flow. – Betsy Burnham


  2. If you love a fabric but it seems too strong, check the reverse side – it may just do the trick. – David Easton


  3. Float something in the room – a sofa, a lounge chair – to avoid the “dance hall” look. Think of it as an opportunity to show off the back (do something with the back). – Brad Weesner


  4. A bed should be 23” off the floor, no higher. – Katie Ridder


  5. Dining room chandeliers should hang 60” to 66” above the floor. – Betsy Burnham


  6. 3M Command Strips are fantastic to use when hanging art over mirrors, millwork panels, or vintage wall covering. – James Dolenc


  7. Hang curtains. They make a room seem finished. Think of them as the lipstick of decoration. – Peter Dunham


  8. When it comes to bookcases, stick to books. Nothing is more visually chaotic than 46 shelves of random stuff. – Randall Powers


  9. Install an outlet 28” high behind console tables. This allows you to add lamps without an unsightly tangle of cords. – Ashley Whittaker


  10. I always use lead-free Starphire Glass for glass shelving, surfaces of occasional tables that need protection, and anywhere it would bother me to see the green edge cast by regular glass. – Carolyn Espley-Miller



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